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Looking Up to Immigrants, Especially Our Hispanic Neighbors

December 17, 2014







A recent study finds one more reason to admire immigrants. “Statistics show that if you are born elsewhere and later acquire American citizenship, you will, on average, earn more than us native-borns, study further [get a higher degree], marry at higher rates and divorce at lower rates, fall out of the work force less frequently and more easily dodge poverty.”


Those findings were published 5/24/14 in the New York Times as “The Immigrant Advantage.” It adds that especially in the poorest U.S. states, foreign-born citizens out-perform those who were born and raised there.


One group of immigrants that Leadership Network has studied and partnered is the Hispanic community, which contains everyone from first-generation immigrants to Spanish-heritage citizens who have been in this country far longer than I have. If you’d like to learn more about how to show the love of Christ to more of your Hispanic neighbors, see for a list of resources, from kits to statistics to book reviews.

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