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March 28, 2017

Announcing a new release!

By Warren Bird

As you probably know, only 20% of churches exceed 200 in average attendance. And likewise, a large percentage of staff-led and lay-led ministries within a church hit a growth cap.

Why? What needs to happen in the leader’s head to develop a vision for taking a church or ministry to new levels? Then what structures and systems (such as moving from “single cell” to “multiple cell”) need to be in place for people to be cared for and spiritually challenged at every organizational size?

I believe you’ll find very practical insight from the just-released How to Break Growth Barriers: Revise Your Role, Release Your People, and Capture Overlooked Opportunities for Your Church by Carl F. George and Warren Bird. This is actually a newly updated and expanded version of an earlier book with a similar title, but it sold so well, and the principles remained so relevant, that the publisher commissioned a new version.

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The authors, Carl F. George, one of North America’s premier church growth consultants, and Leadership Network’s own Director of Research Dr. Warren Bird, show pastors how to communicate a vision for the future and then how to lead the congregation into the paradigms necessary for potentially limitless growth.

It’s designed for:

  • Leaders wanting to break the 200, 400, 800, 2000, etc. barriers
  • Leaders training others in how to break those size and growth barriers

The strategies found in this book are not only tried and true, and taken from a biblical perspective of a “harvest” vision, but they’re also newly updated to reflect our changing culture, including helpful charts and checklists for self-evaluation.

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