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Lencioni and Leadership

March 31, 2008

I recently had the honor of spending a couple of days under the instruction of Patrick Lencioni, author of The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and other leadership fables.  I love his writing style and in person, he is even more engaging and powerful.  One of Patrick’s strengths is his gift of distilling big ideas into simple, sticky concepts that can drive to increased results, and in kingdom terms – impact. 

The training session was launched with the following statement:

There are two requirements for success – being smart and being healthy.  He said, and I agree, that the smart part is the easier side of leading for success.  Strategy, marketing, finance and technology are tangible and in your face enough that in a sense you are forced to engage for success. 

The more difficult part of the equation is to lead for health.  Organization health requires minimizing  polices and confusion and maximizing morale and productivity.

The team at Leadership Network is very virtual which makes the health thing even more challenging; we have team members from coast to coast and even a Canadian, hey!  Though not perfect by any stretch of the imagination we are beginning  to use a couple of tools that we believe are minimizing and maximizing and developing greater health as a result.   They include a weekly team webinar and individual team member work plans.   The team webinar is a quick 30 minute check in that includes some fun, some announcements and some celebrations from the previous week’s work.  Some weeks we also drill down on a particular issue related to our work that needs team input.  We use GoToWebinar technology – not perfect works and is cheap.  The work plans are simple 6 month rolling documents that capture the objectives and major tasks of each member of our team.

What are you using with your team to ensure health?

Greg Ligon
Vice President and Publisher
Leadership Network

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