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Why should you join a cohort?


It’s tough to find all three in church and ministry leadership. At Leadership Network, we created our Learning Communities to help leaders chart growth plans and career pathways that allow them to lead well in all church and ministry contexts. Regardless of denomination or organizational affiliation, we want you to be equipped with next-level leadership tools, connect with peers on similar learning journeys, and be encouraged by expert mentors who have been in your shoes. We are here to help you reach your full potential for the sake of your organization and the Gospel.

Dynamic Experience


Emerging and Seasoned Leaders will both have opportunities to learn from each other and mentors while considering career pathways for ministry leadership.


Cohorts will meet in person and online in between, allowing for both connected in-person experiences and relationship development to happen.


Leaders from across the generational spectrum will share the gift of their insights and wisdom, equipping you for all stages of your ministry journey. Wherever you are.

Fall 2023 Cohorts

 Learning Community Cohorts to Advance Your Calling and Mission

2023 Spring Cohorts

 Learning Community Cohorts to Advance Your Calling and Mission

Women Lead Pastors

Journey with like-minded, women in ministry leadership. Listen and be heard from others in similar roles and form lifelong relationships.

Emerging Female leaders

The world is changing. The lack of female leadership opportunities is diminishing. Be a part of the growth, and help to shape the future.


Chart growth plans and pathways to help you propel and advance your Kingdom vision.


  • Learn from leaders who have been there before

  • Collaborate in a multi-generational setting with peers of all ages and experience levels

  • Understand how to identify roadblocks that keep you stuck in a certain role or mindset, and learn how to generate opportunities to lead

  • Connect with like-minded leaders, who will become lifelong friends and support systems

ARe you interested?

Limited spots are available and will be filled first-come-first-serve. Please indicate your interest using the form below. 

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One Leader

from an individual church
$ 1500 per person
  • Collaborate With Peers
  • Prepare for the Future

2 Leaders

from the same church
$ 1300 per person
  • Travel Together
  • Shared Experience

3+ Leaders

from the same church
$ 1100 per person
  • Extend the Learning
  • Equipping for Your Team
best value