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Leading the Team-Based Church: How Pastors and Church Staffs Can Grow Together

April 3, 1999


Book Cover Leading the Team Based Churchby George Cladis

In Leading the Team-Based Church, George Cladis issues a call for ministry teams to embrace a fresh leadership model that is based on a process of collaboration that mirrors the relationship of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. He reminds us that today’s cultural environment – where authority has basis in trust, innovation reaps rewards, and spirituality takes root in life and work – has matured past the need for the hierarchy of traditional church leadership where the pastor had the final say. 

Through down-to-earth stories from his own experience and those of clergy in both mainline and evangelical churches, Cladis offers an exciting alternative to the traditional forms of church leadership, enabling pastors, congregational leaders, and staff to breathe new life into their ministries and unleash the full potential of the entire ministry team. 

Cladis, pastor of a fast-growing mainline congregation, demonstrates how cultural changes affecting all our institutions – not just the church – are making it easier to adopt this new model of leadership. Cladis’s practical advice will enable ministry teams to work together in ways that both embody the Christian message and call forth the full creativity and love of the entire team.

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