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Leading from the Second Chair: Serving Your Chruch, Fulfilling Your Role, and Realizing Your Dreams

September 2, 2005



by Mike Bonem and Roger Patterson

Leading from the Second Chair offers an invaluable resource to leaders who serve in second (and third and fourth) chair roles, enabling them to become more productive, proactive, and fulfilled. The book reveals the paradoxes of second chair leadership. These leaders must be subordinate to the top leader yet lead in their own right. They should be deep in their expertise but wide in perspective. And they must be content in their jobs yet remain enthusiastic about their dreams for the future.

“The mission of the organization either hangs together or falls apart at the critical interface between first and second chairs. This helpful volume from seasoned practitioners identifies and addresses the character, competencies, and chemistry that make for effective second-chair leadership. It’s a book for you, no matter which seat you’re in.”
–Reggie McNeal, Director of Leadership Development, South Carolina Baptist Convention and author of The Present Future.

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