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Leadership Network Author Notes with Darrin Patrick

March 19, 2012

In his second book, “For The City,” Darrin Patrick partners with Matt Carter to practically equip churches with relevant tools to engage urban culture in their city.  As an author and lead pastor of The Journey Church in St. Louis, Darrin is constantly looking for new ways to reach people who are “underserved.”  I was recently able to ask Darrin a few questions regarding his reading and writing.

1.  Why is reading important to you, and how do you find or make time to read books and blogs?

Mark Twain has supposedly said, “The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can't read them.”   I think the ability to read and write are gifts from God.  It is really an issue of priority.  I have the time to read, but will I take it?

2.  What books are you currently reading that you would recommend to our readers?

I am reading a business book called Execution:  The Discipline of Getting Things Done by Bossidy, Charan and Burck because our church culture is vision-oriented and too much of that can be a real weakness.   I am also reading a great little book by Greg Gilbert called “What is the Gospel?”

3.  How do you make time to write books or blog?

I have a set time every week that I write and I take two or three writing retreats a year

4.  What is the “big idea” of your latest book in a Leadership Network book series?

As Christians, we are called to build a great city, not just a good church. 

5.  If leaders only had time right now to read one chapter of your book, which one would your recommend… and why?

“Confessions”, in which Matt Carter and I tell all of our dumb mistakes. 

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