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Leadership Network Author Notes with Jon Ferguson

June 20, 2011

What's the big idea?

Well – it's one of Jon Ferguson's two co-authored books – The Big Idea  and Exponential.  Jon is a great friend and part of one of the greatest church teams around – Community Christian Church in Naperville, IL.  Jon's books are part of Leadership Network's publishing program through the Leadership Network Innovation Series  and the co-branded Exponential Series both done in partnership with Zondervan.  Jon is currently providing leadership to Community Christian Church's campus launches in the heart of Chicago.  Take a few minutes to take a dive into Jon's thoughts are reading and authorship.

Why is reading important to you, and how do you find or make time to read books and blogs?

It's crucial that I keep reading — books, blogs, magazines, websites, and listening to podcasts.  That is how I continue to stay current, challenged, and aware of the latest innovations and learnings.  I would guess I'm like a lot of people, when my scheduled gets packed, sadly, reading and listening tends to take a back seat.  However, I do try to gauge that and when I begin to feel a little stale or out of touch, I try to re-engage with more reading and listening. With my recent move to the city, I am taking advantage of my frequent commutes to back to Naperville to listen to podcasts more.

What books are you currently reading that you would recommend to our readers?

On the Verge by Dave and Alan, Right Here Right Now by Lance Ford and Alan Hirsch, and Drive by Daniel Pink, and Necessary Endings by Henry Cloud.

How do you make time to write books or blog?

My blogging is rather sporadic.  And I can't say that it is a matter of being busy or not.  It's all about rhythm for me.  When I'm in a good rhythm with my entire life, blogging and writing seems to happen more frequently.  Sadly, for me, it's often all or nothing.  When I'm in a good rhythm, I find that I spend more time alone with God, I exercise more regularly, I read and listen more, and I seem to have more down time to relax.  When I'm not in a good rhythm, it seems like all of those things start to trail off.

What is the “big idea” of your latest book in a Leadership Network book series?

Exponential is the story of five friends who came together with the crazy dream of catalyzing a movement of reproducing churches.  It walks the reader through that journey, and helps him/her realize that, he/she too, can catalyze a movement.

If leaders only had time right now to read one chapter of your book, which one would your recommend… and why? 

If I had to recommend one chapter it would be Chapter 3 – Apprentice:  Come Follow Me.  At the very heart of a reproducing movement is apprenticeship — one leader discipling and equipping another.  It's really that simple and this chapter spells out the simplicity of apprenticeship.

Next batter up – Linda Berquist, co-author of Church Turned Inside Out.

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