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Leadership Network Author Notes with Brian McLaren

July 6, 2011

Leadership Network launched its publishing ministry about 12 years ago and one of the first books we published was Brian McLaren's ground-breaking book A New Kind of Christian.  Call me biased, but I believe that book has helped to frame many of the significant conversations about the Church.  Brian is a learner, a risk taker and a long time friend of Leadership Network.  Check out his thoughts on reading and writing below.

Why is reading important to you, and how do you find or make time to read books and blogs?

Reading, for me, is learning. Sometimes I feel I have the opposite problem compared to most people: finding time to do other things beside reading! Because I travel a lot for my work as an author and speaker, I devour books when I fly. From the flight attendants' first words about stowing my tray table, etc., etc., I tune out the roar of the engines and dig into a book.

What books are you currently reading that you would recommend to our readers?

Earlier this year I read Barbara Brown Taylor's An Altar in the World,and Rene Girard's Things Hidden Since the Foundation of the World, both excellent in very different ways. Before that I read Frank Schaeffer's fiction trilogy, starting with Portofino, which would be great reading for Leadership Network folks.

How do you make time to write books or blog?

I love to write, so it doesn't take much discipline, especially now that it's my profession. But when I was a pastor, there were to answers to this question: early morning (for blogging) and late at night after the kids were in bed (for books).

What is the “big idea” of your latest book in a Leadership Network book series? 

My two Leadership Network books, A New Kind of Christian and The Story We Find Ourselves In, both address what it means to be a Christian leader in the emerging postmodern, postcolonial world.

If leaders only had time right now to read one chapter of your book, which one would your recommend… and why?

I'd recommend the introduction to A New Kind of Christian. It would, I hope, help them make sense of why pastoral ministry can be so hard, and it would assure them that the difficulty is not their fault.

Stay tuned next week for responses from Eric Swanson, co-author of The Externally Focused Quest and many other great titles.


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