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Leadership Development: An Age Old Challenge with a Modern Day Twist

August 14, 2013

Many of today’s church leaders face the same problem: leadership development. Most struggle to find better ways to empower and release their people for ministry, and now with the emergence of the multisite movement, church planting and rapid church growth, many of the top choices have already been taken. Churches today are using a variety of strategies and philosophies to generate new leadership in order to find the right balance of formal leadership development and more organic spiritual training. Leadership Network’s concept paper, Leadership Development: An Age-Old Challenge with a Modern-Day Twist, previously published by Bret Dolfo and Warren Bird, explores this important topic.

Here are some great findings from the paper:

– Leadership development is now customized in most churches.

– Few churches have a complete leadership pipeline, but more are moving that way.

– Churches are working through the tension of organic-organized leader development.

– As church leaders look for multisite campus pastors, church planting entrepreneurs and high growth

managers, in many cases the top choices have already been taken.

– One of the biggest mistake multisite churches make is “failure of attention to leadership development.”

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