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Leadership Network’s Code For The Kingdom: Creating An Online Space for Faith To Grow

August 1, 2014

When it comes to pointing members of your church to online resources that help grow their faith, where do you turn? What if there was a place that you could send members that would not only meet that need but also help them connect with others at your church, provide a way to for them to give, and much more? In comes FaithVillage! FaithVillage is the new social network for faith experiences. But the service doesn’t stop there. With over 700 content contributors, there is always something fresh and new for your members to connect with.

“As a pastor, there used to be very limited content that I could offer people in times of crisis. With FaithVillage every pastor can now become a resource expert. It’s no longer just about your Sunday sermon, it’s about knowing where the valuable content is and getting it into the hands of your members so that they can get it into the hands of their friends and co-workers” says FaithVillage Founder, Brad Russell. FaithVillage is seeking to serve as a one-stop shop for small groups, online giving, networking, and information on a variety of topics. “The average Christian doesn’t know where to go online to get good content. We did a huge consumer research study among online evangelicals 18-44 and we found out they really don’t know where to go for issues of faith. Furthermore, they were also frustrated with using search engines to find substance on these issues”. Immediately after logging on to the site, users can easily search for articles in areas such as Christian Living, Faith & Culture, and Marriage & Family.

Tackling Online Giving

In addition to great content, FaithVillage also offers an online giving platform. For a generation that increasingly does not carry checks or cash, this is a welcomed feature for churches. Brad believes that this has huge potential to boost the online giving rates for many churches. He believes that the online giving problem for most churches is that the giving module sits on the churches website, a place where many people don’t go due to lack of content to bring them back to the site on a continual basis. “Church websites are mainly for newcomers. They aren’t usually trafficked by existing members. There is not a compelling reason on 90% of most churches website to come back after the initial look”. FaithVillage solves that by giving members a place to go that continually offers fresh content and news. Whether a church has an existing online giving option available or looking to start new, FaithVillage makes the process easy to start and affordable to continue.

Code For The Kingdom

Brad has been a strong supporter and participant of Leadership Network’s Code For The Kingdom. The weekend event brings together technologists, entrepreneurs, and creatives from all over the countries to tackle pressing problems facing the Christian community, and to develop technologies that help advance the Gospel just like Brad. To find out more about our upcoming Austin event, visit

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