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Leadership Network’s Code For The Kingdom: Connecting Life With Scripture

April 24, 2014

What scripture do you go to in a difficult moment? Wouldn’t it be great to see what scriptures other people who went through a similar circumstance leaned on for comfort, strength, and hope? Charles Roach is seeking to solve that very problem with Scriptive. The technology works by pinpointing the emotions you feel at a given time, and recommending scripture that is relevant and personal to you. Upon going to Scriptive’s website, you are presented with a question that asks “How Are You?” A sliding bar lets you indicate if you are feeling “terrible”, “great”, or somewhere in between. You are then asked to type in a sentence describing why you feel that way, followed by a page that ask you to select up to four words that describe how you feel. The end result is a listing of up to 8 scriptures that seek to connect with how you are feeling at the moment. If you want to dive further into any of the scriptures you are given and “explore” option, which allows you to memorize the verse, or read the entire chapter.

The site is very personal to Charles. He created it and the technology behind it after going through a break in a close relationship. It was also during that difficult time that he speaks on feeling disconnected him from God. After speaking with friends he begin compiling a list of emotions and scriptures in an excel spreadsheet. Scriptive was the final product. Charles doesn’t want to just stop with the website though, an iOS app is close to being launched and he has hopes to develop an android app soon.

Charles’ story is one of the many successful ones that came from the very first Code For The Kingdom that took place in San Francisco. To find out more about our upcoming Austin event this September 12-14th, visit

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