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2020 Leadership Development Accelerator

Identify and develop high-potential leaders
for top leadership roles in your church

Starts on Nov 17, 2020

Identify potential leaders Multiply capable leaders Learn from other top churches Create a culture of raising leaders

The Leadership Development Accelerator is a 1-year, cohort-based program designed to help you identify, develop, and raise a new generation
of campus pastors, church planters, and executive team members.

The Leadership Development Accelerator has helped us to refocus our attention and efforts toward building disciples who can lead. It’s encouraging to know that the investments we’re making in our people will equip them to lead well even after our current leadership season has passed.

Campus Pastor & Director of Team Development



Three 3-day meetups will offer you the chance to interact with the Leadership Network team and peer leaders from other churches.


Between each meetup, there will be three online group sessions where you will report on your progress and future commitments.

Coaching calls

Once a month, the program director will personally check in with the team leaders on a call to take stock of progress.

Online group interaction

As a member, you can join our exclusive Facebook group where you can post updates and share progress with your peers.


Modeled around high-impact tech accelerators, the program is based on

Peer learning from other influential churches in the group

The Lean Startup approach that is built around rapid experimentation, measurement, and learning cycles

Corporate expertise from some of the leading folks at Fiat Chrysler and Chick-fil-A


Learn key strategies

Learn key strategies

Get equipped with strategies to help you identify and develop high-potential leaders in your church.

Get expert input

Get expert input

Tap into the expertise of leaders from leading companies such as Fiat Chrysler and Chick-fil-A.

Learn from peers

Learn from peers

Brainstorm with peers to find creative ways to tackle staff development issues in your churches.

Build a customized roadmap

Build a customized roadmap

Create a roadmap to help you nurture leaders in a way that is unique to your church context.

Meet online regularly

Meet online regularly

Join online sprint sessions with the program director to report on your church’s progress.

Make new connections

Make new connections

Meet leaders from other churches and draw learnings from each other’s experiences.


When you’re trying to build a complete leadership development culture, there are so many moving parts. Brent and his team helped us to systematically grow a culture that first values leadership development, then creates languages and systems to help us grow leaders.

Executive Pastor
Chase Oaks


Click the photos to learn more about our host team members.

Brent is the Director of the Leadership Development Accelerator. Brent has 35+ years of experience in senior ministry leadership and has consulted with churches across the world.

Brent has also led the European Church Planting Network, helping to plant over 1,000 churches.

Brent Dolfo
Program Director

Cindi Haworth brings an infectious enthusiasm to all she does as a Leadership Community Program Coordinator. She has worked for Leadership Network for more than 10 years.

Cindi graduated with a degree in communications design and is a huge ice hockey fanatic.

Cindi Haworth
Program Coordinator


Here’s a taste of what’s in store for you at the meetup scheduled for Nov 17–19, 2020.

Session 1: What is
Get an assessment/update on where churches are with their models of leadership development for high-capacity staff.

Session 2: What might be
Learn from models presented by other leaders and follow up with team time for discussion.

Discuss what resonated with your current efforts and what new possibilities surface for you.


Join peer pastors on this 1-year journey and enjoy these program benefits.

The program pricing of $12,000 accommodates a team of 3 people from your church for the whole program.

Interactions with a cohort of fellow pastors

6 online sessions with the program director

Meetups thrice a year (most meals included)

Exclusive members-only Facebook group

Learnings from top corporate leaders

Monthly calls with the program director

Glimpses of past meetups


The Leadership Development Accelerator is a one-year, cohort-based growth experience designed to help you develop and implement a customized process to raise the next generation of campus pastors, church planters, and executive team members. Through regular meetups, peer learnings, and expert advice, you will learn how to address staff development challenges, train potential leaders, and multiply high-capacity leaders.

Want to know more? Set up a call to speak with our program director, Brent Dolfo. He’d be happy to answer all your questions about the Leadership Development Accelerator.

As with most growth activities, your results will be roughly proportionate to your engagement on this journey. You will come away with an in-depth understanding of the key strategies successful large churches and those in the corporate sector use to identify and develop great talent into senior organizational leaders.

The 3-day meetups will be held through the year at 6-month intervals. The first meetup is scheduled for Nov 17–19, 2020.

This will be followed by the second meetup, which is scheduled for May 18–20, 2021. Finally, the third meetup is scheduled for Nov 9–11, 2021.

This Accelerator gave us the strategic insight needed to build our development process. The “sprint calls” have allowed us to see others also building their process in real-time. Our team has been informed every step of the way with the information needed to develop leaders at all levels.

Executive Pastor
Faith Promise

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