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Laura Koke: Prince Caspian

July 20, 2011

Something weird happened to me.

I was getting gray hair, wrinkles, people were calling me “yes ma’m.” And saying, “can you mentor me?” Why would I be mentoring you? I’m about your age aren’t I? I realized really quickly they weren’t my age–they were a lot younger.

I really needed to be pouring into them more. We made changes to get the youth involved in everything. It’s exciting to see them becoming all that God wants them to be. Middle child Caleb was in a car accident and went to Heaven. It’s been a motivating factor to pour into this generation. Prince Caspian – beautiful story about young people rising up and taking their place and doing their part in defeating the enemy. Psalm 127 First: In pain because Caleb wasn’t here.

The Holy Spirit ministered to me – Caleb did not stop his destiny. He stepped from his earthly destiny to his eternal destiny. Second: Keep pouring into these young people. This next generation really has the potential to see God’s Kingdom come on Earth like never before. As we believe and give them what they need. God is going to use them. Psalm 127 – because of them, your enemies don’t stand a chance.

Discussion Questions:
1. How does your congregation intentionally include young people?
2. How do you intentionally pour your life into the next generation?

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