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Launching Your First Multisite Campus? Don’t Crash and Burn

July 19, 2016

You’ve seen the photos and videos. For years a team has designed a new rocket and rolls it out there to the launch pad. After careful planning, flawless engineering and good weather, the countdown begins.

The launch controller counts it down to lift off and with a loud roar and brilliant flames up goes the rocket.

Seconds or even minutes later, right when the rocket is almost out of camera sight either the ship explodes or is detonated by the controller because something had gone wrong. It is a spectacular, but very costly fireworks display.

At least it was an unmanned rocket and no one was killed.

But the cost in terms of time, effort, and capital resources lost is astronomical.

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In the short history of the multisite movement we have seen our fair share of spectacular failures. Sites have been selected, leaders chosen, teams formed. Then advertising and marketing makes a big effort to get new people committed to the new effort.

Months later, the doors quietly close to no fanfare. It may not be as spectacular as a rocket explosion, but the damage to leaders, congregants, not to mention the financial costs linger. This makes it harder to try again.

But here’s some good news for you. Leadership Network is launching a group that will help your first campus soar!  Over the last 15 years, Leadership Network has helped hundreds of churches launch their first campus or strengthen their existing multisite campuses. HUB:Multisite JumpStart is our latest “Countdown to Launch” intensive that will accelerate your church into the future of multiple campuses. Through our proven process, we have seen numerous churches launch their first campus in 12 months. “Countdown to Launch” will lead your team through the process of becoming not a church with multiple campuses but a true “multisite” church.

One more thing: For a limited time we can also save your church some money.

Save $1000 when you register your team by July 31st!

You get the same value and experience for your team, but now at a cost that is easier on the budget.

I know this opportunity will make a difference in your efforts to further the vision of your church.  Just be sure and click on the button below to learn more and schedule a phone conversation.  Then, if your team qualifies*, complete registration and payment before July 31st.  Include the promo code JULYSALE and the discount is yours!

Still have questions?  Click the button below to learn more!



*HUB:Multisite JumpStart is designed for churches over 800 in average weekend worship attendance who are planning to launch their first multisite campus within the next 12-18 months, are open to new ideas and models, and are looking to collaborate with other leaders and teams.

Whitehead (HiRes)Josh Whitehead is the Executive Pastor for Faith Promise Church, a five-campus, multisite church in the Knoxville, TN area.  Josh also serves as Director for HUB:Multisite JumpStart, Leadership Network’s 12-month collaborative experience for churches launching their first multisite campus.

Over the last 15 years, Leadership Network has helped hundreds of churches launch their first campus or strengthen their existing multisite campuses.  Let us put our experience to work for you and your multisite vision!


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