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Knowing When to Re-evaluate Your Organizational Structure

February 18, 2013

Insights from Fast-Moving Churches on Where to Begin

The scenario is all too common: Your church’s children’s ministry is spread too thin, and your worship team is feeling overstretched. Your staff is facing burnout, and it seems like even the smallest decisions become battlegrounds.

From the outside, things look great. More and more people are entering your church’s doors, and you’re witnessing life change every week. But on the inside something’s not right. The train seems to be moving in the right direction-but for some reason, you kind of want to jump off.

In many cases, the solution is a much-needed change in organizational structure. In this paper we’ve compiled some of the signs and symptoms that rapidly growing churches in need of organizational change have encountered, and what they’ve done to get started on a path toward change. In many cases, personal and professional stresses were big indicators that a change was needed. Another valuable point: Networking and advice from mentors and peers could make all the difference.


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