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Ken Fong: I Am a Dangerous Pastor

April 29, 2011

As a pastor, realizing eminent death means giving an account to God for your life. God was showing me that some of the things I was having convictions about didn’t match what I thought, how I felt, and where I was convicted coming out of seminary. Was I willing to step out with faith, integrity, courage to actually take this church in a direction even if it didn’t match some of the things that were true of me the first half of my life as a pastor? That’s a scary place to be. Even scarier, caving into people’s needs to be comfortable and reassured then coming to the end of my life, standing before God and Him asking, “What was that?”
– What were all those children’s messages for adults each Sunday???
– When there’s so much more to the sanctified life…?”
– When there’s this profound concept and reality called the Kingdom of God that was absent from the culture of your church and the substance of the fruit of ministry. I want to share with you that I now am a dangerous pastor.

I’ve come to grips with certain convictions and realities.
– I’m not so much into people pleasing as I am into God pleasing.
– Fear of your disappointment and disapproval pales in the face of God’s disappointment and disapproval.
– We are now going to go in this direction as a church as long as I’m the pastor
– I’m no longer going to try to make people happy.
– We’re going to take following Jesus more seriously and live in such a way that becomes more obvious to the rest of the world that the kingdom of God has come and is coming. That is something that has to happen to lead and live with clarity and conviction.

Discussion Questions:
1. Reflect on how your thoughts, feelings and convictions have changed since you entered ministry.
2. What changes do you have to make to be a “dangerous” pastor?

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