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Keld Dahlmann: Why You Can’t Motivate People

April 6, 2011

Huge Shift in ministry experience. Young pastor, young leader, spending lots of effort trying to motivate people. Had vision, knew direction, worked hard to motivate people. There are a lot of books, videos, and resources on motivating people. Came to the conclusion you cannot motivate people.

Motivation comes from within. This shift became a huge release in ministry and a huge relief from the pressure to motivate people. Change perspective from motivating people to focus on what people are motivated for. A huge difference trying to motivate people, and changing them into something they are not. Can’t make apple into an orange. Can try to disciple an apple to be a very fruitful apple. Shift from trying to motivate people to focusing on what are they motivated for and release them to do that has been one of most important shifts in ministry experience.

Discussion Questions:
1. How does your desire to motivate people create stress in your ministry?
2. If motivation is intrinsic, how does that change vision-casting?

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