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Justin Wise, author of The Social Church: Episode 74

February 10, 2014

Social Media Church has a lively conversation with Justin Wise, author of a brand new book, The Social Church: A Theology of Digital Communication, just released 1 week ago and the print edition was already sold out on day 1 and it is still temporarily out of stock. But good thing the Kindle edition never runs out and you can buy it instantly! Get the back story of how the authoring and publishing experience went for Justin, how they decided to focus the book’s big idea on the “why to” rather than the “how to”, how Justin is training and coaching churches and entrepreneurs to be more effective with social media, and listen for the special offer for Social Media Church listeners. By the way, Justin Wise is currently a professional social media strategist, based in Des Moines, Iowa, a city that he’s very proud of.

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