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Jonathan Falwell: Find Yourself

April 20, 2011

I was spending so much time studying what others were doing, and trying to adapt those models, I missed the most important lesson. God created me and called me to be me. 1 Kings 18 – David and Goliath. David knew that if he was going to be successful, he had to take on the task with what God had given him.
• God had uniquely gifted me to carryout ministry in this local church.
• If God had truly called me to be the pastor here, I had to trust Him that I had what it would take to be successful.
•If you are doing what God has called you to do, you cannot fail.

Quit trying to be someone else, copying everything some other pastor does and trying to grab a hold of every new trend. Focus on your church, what your church needs. Seek God’s face daily for Him to reveal that to you. We get so caught up in what everyone else is doing we miss what God wants to do in a unique way in our own church. When I realized that successful ministry has nothing to do with the accolades of others, but our faithfulness to God’s calling for our church, then I was free to focus like never before. Quit trying to be someone else. Be who God created you to be in your ministry. Realize that if God placed you where you are, no one else can do a better job than you in that place.

Because God chose you, God called you, and I promise if God finds you faithful there today, He will grow your impact in ministry like you can never imagine. I look forward to seeing what God’s going to do in the days ahead.
Discussion Questions:
1. Who is the leader you tend to try to emulate? Why?
2. How are you uniquely created and gifted for ministry?

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