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Jon Dale: Tribal Communication

April 8, 2011

4 Types of Tribal Communication
1. Leader talks to the tribe (1 way form).
2. Members of the tribe talk back to the leader (dialogue with the audience).
3. Take people who share a passion around something and connect them together.
4. Members of your tribe go out and use their relational equity to bring outsiders to the inside of the tribe.
Used to think person best able to bring people in is leader. Now – members of your tribe are best able to bring new people to your tribe. Consider Apple peer pressure to buy products.
1) Examine What We are Doing We are spending the most time, energy, and money on the first type. Magic begins to happen when we give people ways to connect with each other, and they turn around and take that passion and use it to bring people into the tribe. Jesus: – didn’t spend time building a huge following. – He did what he could to avoid the tribe. – He invested it in a dozen people.
2) Explore What We Can do to Take it Beyond the First Type of Communication Have a message that is remarkable; share it in a way that the first customer leads to the second and third customers. In scripture – one person comes to Christ, then the whole household; that is what we need to see today.

Discussion Questions:
1. How are you intentional to make people so passionate about your tribe they rave to their friends?
2. How is communication different if you are building a passionate tribe versus building a huge following?

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