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John Burke: Letting Go

March 7, 2011

Letting Go

God was in it leading up to the launch. Then it seemed like God drove on. Next two years were painful. Problems and frustrations. I was leading, teaching best I could, but not good enough

Cry out to God, just silence. Instead of hearing an answer, I heard a question “Am I enough?” After wrestling for a year, I realized the answer was “no” It was a desert wandering. He was asking me if I could let go of the dream. We build a false sense of identity. God has to strip it away.

In the letting go, dying to self. You are never prepared for that. It truly feels like you are dying. No one wants to die. It was a water-shed moment (game changer)

What God did in me was more significant than what He has done through me. I experienced a joy. From innermost being flow living
waters. He gives you something to teach about, something to lead people towards that’s better than any dream

God does [this] at some point in every leader
Am I enough? If you die to it, something new lives in you

Discussion Questions:
1. As a follower of Christ, and as a leader, have you had your “Am I enough moment”? If so, share your story.
2. What current dreams would be the hardest for you to give up?

When planting our church, it seemed like we were on a bus the Holy Spirit was driving and we were just along for the ride.

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