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John Bishop: Dangerous Faith

February 14, 2011

Dangerous Faith

Ended it with a baptism. Saw 145 people baptized.
Our anthem is risk everything to reach everyone.

So often church is a destination where people come but what if the church could be about taking Jesus to the people?

It’s really just about the next lost person.

Often as church we make calculated and safe decisions to reach people.

We need to be a church content in Christ, but discontent to reach the world.
My game changer was understanding God’s heart this week. To the extent I understand it now.
My son has had a bad addiction to heroin.
– Had to allow him to have God’s love and pursue what God has for him.
– He has been clean for over a month and a half.

For the first time I get the heart of the dad.
– Watched for his son, the dad didn’t wait, didn’t lecture, the dad ran after him.
– Accepted him back into the family without thinking of the past.
– Now I am getting the heart of the dad – of a Father that is in Heaven who loves me so much.

The game changer for me, is through a situation with my son, and seeing God hold him in His arms.
– I have understood how much God wants to hold me in His arms.
– Made me understand the heart of a Father in Heaven that is desperately in love with the people that He created.

I hope all of us will have an awakening toward grace.
And all of us will be churches that will form Biblical communities that will change the game for people.
May you and may we all live lives where God would sign His name to the day.

Discussion Questions:
1. Who do you identify with more easily – the Prodigal son or the father?
2.How do new Christians change the culture of a church?

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