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Jenni Catron: Shades of Gray

March 16, 2011

Leading in Shades of Gray

We wrestle with the number of decisions we have to make – for self, teams, etc.
Can get frustrated with level of complexity, responsibility, and the levels of “gray.”

If life was only easy shades of black and white; no complex decisions to be made; if easy right and wrong decisions – there would not be a need for leaders.
As leaders, one of the biggest things we do is help navigate gray. We navigate confusion, complexity – things we don’t see the other side of.

Game changer–when we get our head and heard around that our purpose is to navigate shades of gray and see the reality of a future.
Nehemiah – As a leader, he navigates shades of gray. First, he identifies what is gray, what the wall symbolizes. Second, he prays, “God give me a vision for what you have on the other side of this.”

Third, he identifies he is to lead and marches through it. Other leaders identified the need but none saw the vision of what God had on the other side of the shades of gray.
When we recognize this is where we live, Gray is what we are made to do as leaders. Our job is to lead our team, coach them passionately.

Discussion Questions:

1. What do you do to deal with the loneliness of leadership?
2.Do you struggle to lead in the “gray areas?’

Learn to not see gray as a frustration; rather an opportunity to do exactly what God has called me to do. You will have to face your fears, loneliness. You may be the only one who sees the potential for a while. That’s what leading through shades of gray is about.

Consider what shade of gray are you dealing with and embrace it fully. Then like Nehemiah, pray through it and march through it.

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