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JD Greear: Show Me Your Glory

May 20, 2011

Learning/understanding the goal of a sermon: – Lecture—leave with new information – Motivational speech—leave with action steps – Sermon—leave worshipping Real change: – a change of desires, – your heart captivated, – for you to begin to worship God and desire Him. If not, the changes will be superficial. In Ephesians, Paul twice prays for believers to have eyes open to see the largeness, beauty and depth of God’s love Yet Paul understands deep doctrine or relevant application – neither will change you. Change when their eyes are opened to see the largeness of God and captivated by His beauty.

Before He gave children of Israel the first instructions, He reveals Himself.
– Unbelievable size
– His untouchable holiness
– His tender compassionate love They got an idea of God first by seeing his size
– They trembled and believed

That’s still how we change— we see the largeness and beauty of God. The only way we change. Unless our desires are changed, unless our worship is changed, ALL changes are superficial I tell my congregation it’s like trying to keep a balloon off the ground. Every week I smack them up, then they sink spiritually and I hit them again. Paul Tripp said, “We worshipped our way into sin, therefore we’ve got to worship our way out.”

Behavior changes start with desire changes.
– desire changes start with sight changes
– See God for who He is.

Discussion Questions:
1. What is your goal when you preach?
2. Heart check: Using “weight” as the definition of glory, what are the things you glorify in your life?


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