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January 12, 2011

9 game changers 

Throughout January we’re emphasizing new ways churches are making global connections. One example is the excellent paper, “Nine Game-Changers for Global Missions,” available for free download. In it author Eric Swanson, who leads a Leadership Community on Global Connections, describes trends he sees that shape the way churches today are approaching the task of world evangelization.  

Last week’s edition of Leadership Network Advance included a feature article titled “Global Connections: Exploring What’s Next” designed to introduced the topic with the example of a local church. Then further material offered a more in-depth look:




Parallel material in three different media.

As the month unfolds Eric Swanson will continue the dialog on this blog, offering further observations and inviting your feedback. Do join the discussion. Then in February we look at Rapid Growth Churches. We have 11 great months planned during 2011, and hence the name “11 for 11.”


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