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it: How Churches Can Get it & Keep it

October 15, 2008

It First, let me say… it’s good to be back.  I took a much needed hiatus and read only to research for my messages.  But, as Eddie Murphy used to say in his role as Mr. Robinson on SNL, “I’s back!” wink  Ok, now down to business…

it by Craig Groeschel is one of the best ministry books I’ve read in some time… it reflects not only his seriousness for ministry, but also his passion for Christ-exalting ministry.  Although his church is regularly one of the most innovative in the country, he’s not into fluffy, razz ’em-dazz ’em, glitz & glam performance ministry for the sake of putting on a show, but churches led by God-anointed, passionate servants who know what God has called them to do… and they unapologetically and fearlessly do it.

Groeschel’s book is about exactly what the title says: How Leaders Can Get it & Keep it.  He never really defines “it”… but he makes it clear that if you want your ministry to glorify God and be a success, you’ve got to have it.  And the truth is… we ALL want it, don’t we?  We see it in what we would consider successful ministries… and ministries that plod on ineffectively, we would say, really need it.  Some leaders and ministries once had it, and lost it… and some don’t have it, but think they do.

Groeschel says churches that have it are usually led by people with these combined qualities: a passion for God’s presence, a deep craving to reach the lost, sincere integrity, Spirit-filled faith, down-to-earth humility, and brokenness.  He also says there are certain things that contribute to a ministry’s having it: vision, focus, team camaraderie, innovative minds, a willingness to fail, an outward focus, and a kingdom mentality.

This is a great book book for ministry teams to read together… there’s no way you can pore over these pages and not begin to thirst for it.  Also, let me put in another plug for it: if you missed out on the ’08 Catalyst Conference, order Groeschel’s message from the first day… after he got finished speaking, everybody wanted it! wink

Darren Plummer
Mosaic Church DC, Lead Pastor

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