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Is Your Church’s Leadership Team a True Team?

April 12, 2012

It seems like every church has caught onto the idea that church leadership works best through teams rather than solo players. According to my friend Dr. Ryan T. Hartwig, a practical academic and researcher at Azusa Pacific University, a senior leadership team is:

* an interdependent group

* who collaboratively

* shape vision

* determine strategy and

* share essential church-wide responsibilities

But how do you know if your team is working as effectively as it could? How does your church stack up on such issues as having the right people on the team, having the best communication practices, or having a clear, compelling, and consequential purpose? Does your team have a clear vision for its specific role, and then how that team vision aligns with the overall vision for the church?

Clearly, as you begin asking these tough questions, you discover that not all teams perform as well as others.

If you’d like help in evaluating your church’s senior leadership team, Ryan and I have a free assessment tool for you. It’s an amazing limited time offer where your team gets feedback, first compared to national averages, and then later against a norm of other churches. For more information about the assessment and us, please go to


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