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Is Your Church Multisite?

April 22, 2010

BOOK-Multi-Site-Church-Revolution-2009 Are you part of a multi-site church?  If so, please go to this survey link: to teach us and others about what you’ve learned.

A multi-site church is one church in two or more locations. Maybe you have multiple venues – sanctuary, chapel and gym. Maybe you have multiple campuses – west campus, downtown campus and internet campus.

If you participate in the survey, you’ll help potentially thousands of people. This is the largest international cross-denominational survey of multisite churches that anyone has conducted. The findings will be widely distributed.

BOOK-Surratt-Ligon-Bird-Multi-Site-Church-Roadtrip Advantages of taking the survey:

  • * You get a free copy of our illustrated report, emailed to you before it goes public
  • * You (and anyone at your church) can be part of an invitational webinar with several multisite pioneers, who will talk about long-term implications of multisite
  • * You will influence hundreds if not thousands of other churches who are exploring the idea of becoming “one church in multiple locations”  

Survey topics include the role of multisite in church planting, how multisites do teaching/preaching (in person vs. video), and where multisites find their campus pastors.

BOOK-Multi-Site-Churches-McCONNELL-2009 Please participate today. (And definitely please do so before the survey closes on 5/21/2010).

Please also forward this blog to your multisite friends. We prefer only one response per church, so if there’s a designated person, maybe check with that person. But we’d rather have two responses per church than no response!

Thank you.

Warren Bird, Director of Research

co-author, Multi-Site Church Revolution

co-author, Multi-Site Church Roadtrip

contributor, Multi-Site Churches

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