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Investing in Senior Pastor Couples

October 14, 2015

iStock_000058644898Large “Nobody gets pastors like pastors get pastors and when you get around the table with other people who do what you do, having the same kind of challenges…it allows them to open up to one another…there is something about that one another for each other that comes to fruition in a meeting (retreat) like that.”     Jeff and Beth Jones – Mentor Pastor Couple

The Mentor Pastors Network is a program designed to bring senior pastors and their spouses together for a time of rest, relationship, and renewal with God and their spouse.

To accomplish this goal, Leadership Network identifies Mentor Pastor Couples who have a passion for investing time, energy and relationship into the marriages of senior pastors.  They, in turn, host an annual retreat for 5-6 senior pastor couples within their network of relationships.

The desired result?  Senior Pastor Couples return home revived, refreshed, and ready to tackle whatever comes next for their family, their marriage, and their ministry.   Since we began this program in 2013, over 91 senior pastor couples across the United States have been served and the impact has been amazing.

If you are a senior pastor couple who has a passion for investing in other senior pastor couples, we would love to have a conversation.  We are currently recruiting for our new group of Mentor Pastor Couples for 2016!

Want to hear more?   Listen as Scott and Jenni Wilson share the impact their retreat had on them, and on the senior pastor couples they served.

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