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interview with Dave Gibbons about liquid leadership

February 13, 2009

A couple of weeks ago on a web show, I got to interview Dave Gibbons about the things he was thinking and about his new book, The Monkey and the Fish: Liquid Leadership for a Third-Culture Church. I’m hearing quite a bit of buzz about this book, and how it unpacks perspectives of how the world is changing, and offers questions (instead of answers) to better navigate those changes as well as any culture in which you find yourself.

Dave Gibbons Webshow – Innovation3 from Todd Rhoades on Vimeo.

The book title, The Monkey and the Fish, comes from this Eastern parable:

A typhoon stranded a monkey on an island. In a protected place on the shore, while waiting for the raging waters to recede, he spotted a fish swimming against the current. It seemed to the monkey that the fish was struggling and needed assistance. Being of kind heart, the monkey resoved to help the fish.

At considerable risk to himself, the monkey moved far out on the precarious limb of a tree, reached down, and snatched the fish from the waters. Scurrying back to the safety of his shelter, he carefully laid the fish on dry ground. For a few moments, the fish showed excitement but soon settled into a peaceful rest.

– An Eastern parable

As you get a copy of this insightful book, chime in and add a comment about what this means for you and your church.

// DJ Chuang is a Director at Leadership Network,
launching digital initiatives, and connecting multi-site churches and
Asian American pastors.

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