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interview with Brian Bailey

March 1, 2007

Thrilled to talk with Brian Bailey earlier today, who co-authored The Blogging Church with Terry Storch. Hear him talk about the back story behind the book, comparing writing a book with the instant-publishing of blogging, and the extra chapter he would write if he had the time *grin*.

[Download MP3 audio of this interview] (11:12)

And welcome Larry Baxter to the blogosphere, as he started blogging at “Step Up to the Call,” with encouragement from The Blogging Church book:

Overall the book is an excellent mix of why and how. Tips and discussion topics I found most interesting include: Don’t bury the good stuff; Who is the blog for; the ten steps to a bad blog; pros and cons of comments; what problem are you trying to solve; what is the return on ministry; share the why behind the what; and, should my church become a blogging church.

Other book mentions this week:

Bob Hyatt— “But in reading through this, it’s actually a nice mix of a philosophy of blogging, interviews with prominant ministry-types who blog, and good technical and tips and tricks for getting up and running as well as doing it right/avoiding common mistakes.”

Mark Oestreicher — “… the book is a good onramp for pastors and ministries considering how blogging may or may not be helpful to their ministry. in fact, i think the biggest strength of the book is that it directly addresses most, if not all, the questions churches and ministry leaders would raise when considering a blog.”

Also see this interview excerpt with Brian, “How to’s of Blogging for Churches” by Cindy Solomon in Christian Advance.

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