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Inspiring the High-Capacity Givers in Your Church

February 1, 2018

Could high-capacity givers be the most overlooked people at your church? You probably have strategies in place to coach people in financial trouble or who need of benevolent help. But what about those that God has blessed with wealth?

High-capacity givers need your coaching and encouragement, and this FREE webinar co-hosted by Chris Willard (Director of Generosity Initiatives) and Warren Bird (Director of Research) will show you practical examples of how to do just that. You will learn:

  • How to disciple generous people: Just because someone is giving what seems to be a significant amount doesn’t mean that that person is giving generously or growing in generosity. Remember, it’s not about the amount, but what the number represents.
  • How to build peer support among high-capacity givers: It’s really important to connect the potential high-capacity givers in your church with one another. They need the encouragement of an examples set by their peers. Resources like Financial Peace University are great, but usually not as applicable to people already living debt free and with financial margin.
  • How to prevent fundraising from overtaking spiritual formation: These are not strategies to target wealthy people, but the spiritual formation of people God has blessed with wealth. It has to be about our desire to motivate them to be all God wants them to be. They can smell a mile away someone trying to get something out of them. Here’s how to pastor them.

BONUS: During this free webinar, we’ll not only help you address the needs of your high-capacity attenders and members, but Chris will explain a “Generosity Accelerator” idea that offers a comprehensive strategy for every kind of giver and non-giver in your church.

To register for the webinar Inspiring High Capacity Givers in Your Church on Tuesday, February 13 @ 2 PM Central, click or tap on the button below.



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