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Inside Scoop on Large Church Salaries, Finances

March 26, 2014

Have you ever wondered…

  • What are the key metrics large churches measure?
  • What roles report directly to the senior pastor? Which are outsourced (literally)?
  • How do salary levels for top-tier staff compare among large churches?
  • What percent of a church’s budget goes to staffing? To ministry outside of the church?

The larger your church grows, the harder it is to compare notes with other churches on sensitive topics like these.

charts and graphs

Leadership Network, a non-profit with a 30-year history of serving very large churches, is one of the very few organizations with this kind of information. We provide free summaries of the financial trends (salary, budget, staffing) that large churches ask about.

If your weekly worship attendance is 1,000 or higher, please click here to be part of the Leadership Network 2014 Large Church Salary, Staffing and Budget Survey. Later this year we will publish the executive report based on findings from this survey. (Reports from 2012 and earlier are available at

Why should you participate?

1. It’s absolutely free to participate.

2. Nowhere else will you learn from so many really large churches.

3. You will have access to information that is only available to survey participants, including:

  • TRENDS: An early release copy of the executive summary before it goes public
  • SPECIFIC TABLES: Actual salary tables, church budgets, and other comparison data from the survey (with every specific-church identifier removed, of course)
  • Q&A: An invitation for anyone in your church to a free video webcast presenting the findings

Who should take this survey?

Leadership Network’s 2014 Large Church Salary, Staffing and Budget Survey is open to U.S. and Canadian Protestant churches with attendances of 1,000 to 50,000.

It’s typically filled out by someone in the office of executive pastor, business manager, or church administrator – someone privy to salary and budget information. Only one response per church is requested (even if multisite).*

Here’s the link:

Why do we focus on large churches?

Less than 3% of Protestant churches in the US are over 1,000 in weekend worship attendance (source: National Congregations Study). So while there are many good resources that include churches of all sizes,** larger churches tend to welcome specialty studies for places they don’t fit the norm. In order to offer a better “apples-to-apples” comparison, Leadership Network focuses on these larger churches.


*If you have specific questions, such as whether or not your church has already participated, please don’t hesitate to contact us at or 214-754-9719.

**For churches with attendances of 1,000 and under, may we suggest an excellent resource: 2014-2015 Compensation Handbook for Church Staff, by Richard Hammar and Christianity Today. It contains salary comparisons for over a dozen church roles, analyzed by many variables including church size, geography, and person’s educational level.

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