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Hugh Halter: Fiona and the Kingdom

May 27, 2011

Every Sunday, I needed an hour before church to get up enough energy to want to show up to the church. It was a beautiful church. Started 3 yrs prior

Had spent whole life with people outside of church
– People coming to faith
– Not doing a lot of church stuff

Formed into a beautiful community of people and other Christians joined Felt out of my element
– 30 hours on sermons
– hours dealing with Christians and their complaints about what they thought a church should be

Daughters (5 & 3) wanted a family meeting.
– My five year old said, “Dad, you suck.”
– My wife said “you are miserable all the time”

So I resigned from the church plant
– Moved and started doing church planter training.

At church planter training in New York I met Fiona, the waitress. Fiona asked why here? I was feeling jaded still. I didn’t want to talk to anybody about God.
– She pushed it.
– I told her we were there training pastors how to start new churches.
– Fiona asked why would we help people start new churches.

So I started to sort of make up some stuff I had read in the Bible.
– I made it up because no pastor had ever taught me about the Kingdom. I had just read so much about it.
– Jesus came to change everything she hated about religion. Churches should be completely different than you expect them to be.

Later I broke down. I had to sit down, and cried. God was saying, maybe this whole church thing, maybe you have to rethink it. Maybe it’s about the Kingdom

I told my wife we were going to move again—someplace where we can go on mission and relearn what it means to live in the Kingdom.

Discussion Questions:
1. Why is the world more sensitive to and more repulsed by the sinful infighting in the church than the Christians who keep behaving that way?
2. Describe what it means to live in the Kingdom.

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