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Huge Response to New Multisite Report

March 14, 2014


The new Leadership Network/Generis multisite church report, available free here, has received quite a lot of buzz. Within 24 hours of going public this week, it was downloaded over 1,000 times, with hundreds more in subsequent days. All of this attention affirms the widespread interest and growth in the multisite church movement, both in our country and worldwide.

Many have tweeted it (thank you!) or written blogs about it (thank you also! and I’ll try to comment on in future posts), but today I’ll focus on one rather thorough media report: “Survey Finds Growth, Vitality in Multisite Church Model,” originally from Religion News Service and picked up by the Washington Post  and many other papers. In interviews with me and Jim Sheppard at Generis, reporter Adelle M Banks brings out a bit of the history of multisite growth, some of the challenges faced by multisite churches, and a bit of comparison between the launching of new churches and of new campuses.


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