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How to Intentionally Cultivate New Leaders-Relationally

March 15, 2012

Most pastors have discovered that teaching alone, even outstanding preaching, is not enough to empower and release people into leadership. In today’s era, both discipleship and leadership development happen best through relationships that we intentionally create and sustain. That’s the sweet spot for this new book with an unusual title, Amplified Leadership: Five Practices to Establish Influence, Build People, and Impact Others for a Lifetime.

This book is unique in being relationally based while also mapping out a specific process to follow. It walks you through establishing a relationship, engaging a follower, embracing a team member, coaching an apprentice, mentoring a new leader – and then championing the cycle as it replicates through those new leaders as they invest in others. It takes the approach of people development in ways that develop them (and you) spiritually at each point. A typical quote: “Your main job is not to grow a specific ministry in your church, or even the church overall. It is to grow people” (page 60).

The author is my friend @danreiland, executive pastor of an amazing church and author of the semimonthly e-newsletter, “The Pastor’s Coach”.  He is one of the most insightful leadership coaches I know, and this book captures the process he has used and refined over many years.

Underlying everything he says is the message that the leaders you develop – or don’t develop – will determine your church’s future. He’s right, and his breakthrough book can help many of us produce a greater harvest of needed leaders. When we successfully empower and release people into leadership, we give them the opportunity to fulfill both their God-given potential and to advance the mission of the church. And in the process our own leadership will be “amplified.”

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