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How to Engage the ‘Other 80 Percent’ – Radio Interview with Warren Bird

July 20, 2011

Why is it that a reported 20% of Christians do most of the work and most of the giving in our churches?

Dr. Warren Bird, co-author of The Other 80 Percent, and Director of Research and Intellectual Capital for Leadership Network, appeared on the Janet Mefferd radio show yesterday. 

Among other research points, Dr. Bird reports that the engagement in large churches tends to be a bit better (more than 20%) than in smaller churches. He also suggests that it is critical for chuch leaders to identify and listen to the 20% of church attenders that are moving towards becoming more active in their church, and also to listen to the approximately 20% of attenders who are moving away from the core of the church. 

Here's a link to the interview. (It's about 37 minutes long.) Listen to it on your lunch break, and let us know, What are you doing to help people engage in your church?

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