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How one multi-site church merged into another multi-site church

December 16, 2009

Watch this video interview with Charles Lee, Pastor of New Hope South Bay, which is a multi-site church in 2 locations, that recently merged into NewSong Church, one church in multiple locations, currently in Irvine, North Orange County, Los Angeles, Dallas, Mexico City, Bangkok, London. In the video, Charles also talks about the key issues that New Hope had to work through in this merger process. New Hope South Bay retains its church name and governance, even its denomination. So this may be one of the first multi-denominational multi-site churches.

What I find unique about this particular model of a multi-site church is how it operates as one church in multiple locations through relational connections rather than organizational management. Could this redefine and broaden the multi-site church strategy and models even further?

— DJ CHUANG, Director at Leadership Community

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