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How “Lean” Is Your Church Staff?

January 6, 2010

Today we launched a survey designed to learn about healthy ways churches keep staff costs down. We’re calling it “lean staffing.” Here’s the link to the short survey (if it doesn’t work, please copy this into your browser:

If you read this blog before midnight 1/25/10, please take a few minutes to do the survey. Benefit: The final page offers you a way to receive a copy of the findings, so you can see what other churches say — and how your church compares. We’re hoping you and we will lean a lot!

Meanwhile, we continue to release other learnings. Here are some of our most recent knowledge products, all at no cost:


The European Church Planting Network

Something exciting is happening all over Europe! Anders Michael Hansen and Peter Dyer are the directors of the European Church Planting Network and in this podcast interview with Warren Bird they share about how the Network got started, its scope and the dream behind it. Length 6:39


The Strategic Church Initiative


The Strategic Church Initiative is a guided transformational year long partnership between Halftime and a select group of churches looking to identify, equip and unleash the high capacity leaders in their congregation. In this podcast, Wayne Smith, the director of this initiative, shares some exciting stories coming out of these partnerships. Length: 5:11


Brave New Women: The Transformation of Women’s Ministry in the 21st Century Culture
By Meagan Taylor

Women’s ministry is on the verge of massive cultural shift as younger generations of women reject traditional programming in favor of more purposeful spiritual interaction. Innovative church leaders are adapting to this rapid change by experimenting with new ways to equip women to exercise their gifts and passions through relationships, spiritual development and outreach.

Developing Leaders in a Postmodern World: Current Principles and Practices in Selecting and Equipping Leaders
By Pat Springle

The postmodern culture certainly shapes the lives of young people, but it also has a profound impact on every person of every age in every church. To develop leaders in this culture, many next generation pastors have concluded that they have to lower the bar of entry into the process, select more carefully than ever, and connect deeply by mentoring to impart truth, skills, and character.

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