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how a campus pastor is like a quarterback

July 14, 2008

Geoff Surratt (Seacoast Church) posted a series of great comparisons and contrasts between a campus pastor (at a multi-site church) and a quartback. Here’s the 4 famous quarterbacks pulled into the huddle:

When I first saw the series, my gut reaction was: “no way”, quarterbacks are strong leaders and run the whole ship, not a part of the ship, like a multi-site campus. Then I quickly course-corrected and realized that a quarterback has to work closely with the coach, and the quarterback only leads the offensive side of the team. There’s a whole defensive side. I guess it shows that I’m not the most avid football fan.

Spoiler warning: If you want to read the entire series, click on the titles above and look no further here.

Geoff draws out 4 leadership principles, in this list titled “Quarterback qualities of a successful campus pastor”:

  1. A successful quarterback leads himself first
  2. A successful quarterback leads through his team
  3. A successful quarterback works within the coach

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