How to Expand Your Digital Team Without Expanding Your Budget

Published by Leadership Network | July 23, 2019 | 3 min read

It is likely that within your church, there are experts in the digital field that are praying for opportunities to utilize their gifts. They already believe in the mission of your church, are investing their personal resources to help you accomplish and understand how to reach and engage people digitally. These tech experts in your church understand, more than most church staff, the disruption the digital world is having on the marketplace and the church and how it shapes our daily lives. How can you leverage their passion and expertise to expand your digital team?

Build a volunteer Tech Team  

At Connection Pointe, we put together a Tech Advisory Council.  The goal of this team is to engage some of our core leaders that are also leading in the tech industry to serve with us as we strive to better reach people in the digital space. We have been blown away not only by the giftedness of this team but also by their desire to serve the church in this capacity.  Here is a quote from one of our team members. 

“I have been praying for a way to use the skills I have for Jesus for over a year. When this Tech Advisory team came about, it answered a prayer for me. Happy to help in any way I can, my face to face time in the evenings is limited. But I can also manage my time during the day through calls, virtual meetings, and work from home so I could come into the church when necessary. I just feel called to help.”

Learn from the marketplace

At Leadership Network, we often walk through the model of Attract, Get, Grow, Keep, and Multiply as we talk about reaching more people in our churches.  As we shared this with some of Tech Executives with Salesforce, they shared this is very similar to what they walk customers through in a customer journey mapping.  We scheduled a field trip with our Tech Advisory Council to meet at the Salesforce Tower and have their team walk us through the customer journey process through the lens of the church and will be sharing the result of this at our next Engagement Accelerator. 

Include Tech leaders in the process

In the church world, we know the weekend comes every 7 days, maybe sooner if you have services in addition to Sundays.  This reality can make it hard to slow down and truly include volunteers in what we are doing.  It is easy to involve volunteers in serving on the weekends or leading small groups, but when we need to include them in our planning processes and decision making, it can feel much more complicated.  As you approach this new reality of digital ministry, including volunteer tech leaders in the process is going to be vital.  A simple example is empowering them to be part of decisions.  As we have approached vendors and are receiving proposals, we have allowed these experts to review and give us wise counsel as we are negotiating these contracts for both costs and services. 

Have a fail-fast mentality

A breakthrough today was likely a dumb idea yesterday!  Based on the opportunities you have in front of you and the skill set of your tech team and volunteers bring run some low risk, fail fast experiments.  An example we tried was running some simple Facebook ads to see if value-added content could increase attendance in our financial ministries.  Our lay Financial Ministry Leader had a writing party at his house with some volunteers and wrote posts for us, everything from “How to feed your family on a budget” to “How to get our debt quickly.”  The team had a blast, and it allowed us to target a segment of our community with content to see if it could lead to a relationship with us. 



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