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How to Do Staffing Well

August 18, 2015

By Warren Bird

In order for your church to grow, staff and lay leaders alike must be convinced of the tremendous difference between a doer and a developer of leaders. The difference is night and day:
ineffective staff operate from the perspective, “Our role is to take care of people and to do ministry.”
effective staff focus on, “Our role is to transform people.”

book cover - bill easumThis comparison comes from Effective Staffing for Vital Churches: The Essential Guide to Finding and Keeping the Right People by Bill Easum and Bill Tenny-Brittian. Rick Warren says, “I read everything Bill Easum writes…. He understands the local church as well as anyone I know.” I agree. I too have benefited tremendously from many of Bill Easum’s previous books.

If you want your staff and lay leaders to understand how to shift to a healthier, more biblical staffing paradigm, this book will show them how. Here are some sample quotes:

– “Discipleship is leadership development, and leadership development is discipleship.”

– “Developing leaders isn’t just one church program; it’s the central ministry of the church.”

Bill Easum – “When a full-blown leadership culture emerges in a church, no one is allowed to lead without having an apprentice.”

– “The transition from being a solo pastor who believes that if something is going to get done, the pastor has to do it, to getting ministry done through other people is the single most difficult transition in the life of a leader.”

May this book help you and your staff both understand the transitions needed, and then take the steps to get there.

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