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How Do Leaders “Speed Up” Learning and Progress on Key Issues?

June 13, 2017

For businesses in competitive markets, speed can be a powerful competitive advantage. If leaders can deliver goods and services faster than anyone else, they will multiply their success, often disrupting entire industries.

Take Amazon for example. One of the biggest disadvantages eCommerce has compared to brick-and-mortar retail is that consumers must wait for products to arrive after purchasing them. With Amazon Prime free two-day shipping, and now same-day delivery in select markets, Amazon has changed the online shopping landscape, using its delivery speed to mitigate this disadvantage.  Speed (and free) is the key.

For church leaders, speed can be a powerful advantage as well. The ability for leadership teams to accelerate movement from ideas to implementation to impact gets translated into “more”:

  • More people engaged in their communities
  • More ministries started to meet needs
  • More leaders identified and equipped
  • More resources mobilized to fuel change
  • More locations launched and filled
  • More people won to Christ

How can you add speed to your learning and accelerate results on the issues that are central to seeing “more” in your ministry? Do what hundreds of innovative leaders from churches across North America have already done.

Be a part of HUB.

Leadership Network designed HUB with one thing in mind: accelerating results for your church. HUB’s 12-month experience brings together the right people and the right process to help your team achieve twice the results in half the time. Results you can measure. Kingdom results.

Take a look at this brief video. Then click or tap on the topics of interest below to find out more.

Fall Topics Include:

  • HUB:Generous Churches: Accelerating generosity, stewardship, and giving in your church.
  • HUB:Leadership Development: Develop enough leaders to fulfill your dreams for ministry inside and outside the church.
  • HUB:Missional Engagement: Shape your culture to be internally strong and externally focused.
  • HUB:Multisite: Maximize your multisite reach and impact. (For churches with 3+ campuses)
  • HUB:Multisite JumpStart: Extend your church’s reach by launching campuses.

Groups are launching this fall. Space is limited. Don’t miss it!

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