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How Can Big Data Increase Generosity in Your Church?

August 2, 2016

By Warren Bird

To Get $1 Million, You Need 396 Giving Units

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Church leaders teach their congregations to put God first in their finances, but they often don’t know how to assess their progress. The finance team may calculate a benchmark, only to wonder, “Are our numbers normal? high? low?”

We sat down with the number crunchers at MortarStone, which has analyzed more than $1.5 billion in personal church giving, and asked them to calculate various benchmarks.

For example, they found:

  • To get $1 million, you need 396 giving units.
  • 55% of new givers to your church will give a second time within a 12-month period.
  • 43% of the identified giving units in your church give between $200 and $999 a year.

How does your church compare? Granted, these are averages, and there may be important circumstances why your church doesn’t fit the norm, but for most churches, it’s still important to start by having a sense of what the ballpark looks like.

The following report, “How Can Big Data Increase Generosity in Your Church? 13 Vital Benchmarks to Assess Giving Potential” highlights 13 vital benchmarks that can help you assess your congregation’s giving potential. Then two tables give even more insights.

At the end of the free report, you have opportunity to have MortarStone run a bunch of similar calculations and comparisons for your own congregation.

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