Welcome! This collection of resources, reachable by the shortcut https://leadnet.org/hispanic, focuses on events, research and writings about churches that minister to a predominantly Hispanic/Latino community. Each item contains ways you can give feedback, join the discussion, and/or network with others. While we don’t offer the resource kit anymore, we do offer you access to the creator of the resource: Dr. Warren Bird. You can chat with him about his research on predominantly Anglo churches reaching Hispanics in their communities by joining our Implementation Lab at lab.leadnet.org

 Start Here: How to Reach More Hispanics in Your Community

Roundable / Forums 

Meet Some Amazing Leaders Reaching Hispanics in America

Hispanic Leaders Capturing the Next Generation for Christ

Dr. Warren Bird (first on the left, standing) , with a group of Hispanic senior pastors at a roundtable co-sponsored by Leadership Network


Blogs about Hispanic/Latino Churches

Spanish Not Required: Preconceived Ideas May Create Roadblocks in Reaching Hispanics

How Well Are You Reaching Bicultural Hispanics?

NPR “Religion & Ethics” broadcast on “Protestant Hispanics”

The Rise of English-Friendly Hispanic Churches

A Life-Giving Church in Both Spanish and English

Hispanic Churches Adopt More English to Appeal to US-Born Latinos (HuffPost)


Book Highlights

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Amazing Faith

Hispanic Realities Impacting America: Implications for Evangelism and Missions 

The Heart Revolution

A Future for the Latino Church: Models for Multilingual, Multigenerational Hispanic Congregations

The Next Evangelicalism

 Spanish-Speaking Churches in Global Context

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 Statistics on U.S. Hispanic Growth 

Growth and Significance: Latino Statistics Slideshow

Outreach Magazine Article: Helpful Stats “America’s Rising Hispanics

Pew Hispanic: Recent ReportsInteractive TablesStatistical Portraits, Hispanic Origin Profiles and Latino Geography Profiles,

U.S. Census Bureau: “More than half of the growth in the total population of the United Statesbetween 2000 and 2010 was due to the increase in the Hispanic population.” — Those words come from a very helpful report by the U.S. Census Bureau. It includes this map that shows counties of greatest growth for the U.S. Hispanic/Latino population. Among other uses, this report and especially this map (from page 12 of the Census report), is an excellent tool for church planting, church extension, and evangelism. Another Census resource is named “Quickfacts”: click here to lean the percentage of Hispanics in your county or any town over 5,000 in population.


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