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High Capacity Leaders for the Long Haul – How to Develop a Ministry for Marketplace Leaders

July 17, 2013

A group of American churches are innovating around the challenge of identifying, equipping and releasing marketplace leaders for significant ministry assignments—both inside and outside the church. In this paper you will explore essential elements for achieving a world-changing goal: Get marketplace leaders in the ministry game, and keep weaving values, people and systems together to ensure long term viability.

Leadership Network’s concept paper, High-Capacity Leaders for the Long Haul: How to Develop a Ministry for Marketplace Leaders, previously published by Andy Williams, explores this important topic.

Here are some great quotes from the paper:

“As marketplace leaders who knew the business side, my colleagues and I could see the money that was

being wasted and the flaws in the project. It was frustrating to watch.”

“We just want to see our churches do something bigger and better for God and we have some fresh views on how to move the church forward.”

“In a church of a few thousand people, I knew there had to be hundreds who were going through the

same experience and who wanted to do something significant for God.”

“We want to move from the staff being doers of the ministry to helping our people become the

doers of the ministry.”

“It’s not unusual for us to be in the middle of describing a culture where marketplace leaders are released for significant works of ministry, and one of the marketplace people will stand up and say to their church leaders, ‘Do you hear what these guys are saying? This is what we want.’”

“It’s scary for some pastors to turn significant ministry over to these very gifted, entrepreneurial people. But we decided we didn’t want to be afraid to let go. If we let go, we can see some remarkable things happen.”

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