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Greg Holder: I am Waiting

June 20, 2011

Helped me/us to learn what it means to “wait.”
– No wimpy, passive, let life happen to me waiting.
– Its the type of waiting Isaiah talks about – those who wait on the Lord will renew their strength.
Biblical waiting is an act of trust.
– Isaiah describes as Cavah – usually translate as “wait.”
– Cavah – Twisting or braiding together to make stronger.

Waiting isn’t sit back and wait for life to come to me.
– It is me wrapping the last strand of me around the power and presence of God.
– That’s when my strength is renewed.

What God does while we wait might be as important as what we are waiting for (John Ortberg).

It happens in those moments, those acts of trust.
– Reminds our folks that this is a stark reality to spiritual journey.
– Yes God heals, but we see it happen by degrees, which is a form of waiting.

Affects our evangelism. Time to be direct and quick. But can take smaller steps.
Organizationally this plays out:
– New people have to wait to lead.
– New idea for ministry – process that makes wait.
– What about bigger ideas? We aren’t afraid to pull the trigger.
– I love being an earlier adopter, but is that Godly, or is that us trying to push? See what God does in the act of trust (in the wait). We teach it, we model it. It’s been a huge game changer.

Discussion Questions:
1. Identify an area in your life where the Lord wants you to wait on Him.
2. If you struggle with waiting, what does that indicate about your level of trust?

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