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Great Survey Information for Large Church Leaders

April 15, 2015


Religious news still makes a good cover story, like the surprisingly positive article in this month’s Maclean’s magazine.

You can help create a positive news coverage about churches.

For leaders of large churches, two recently launched national surveys ask the kinds of questions that will not only lead to positive media treatment, but will be extremely informative to those leaders (and any church that participates gets a free emailed copy of the executive summary). Both surveys are for Protestant churches with weekend worship attendances of 1,000 and higher. Each survey contains questions tailored to its specific country, although many of the questions are parallel.

1. Large U.S. Churches, questions include:

*   To what extent are your church’s regular participants involved in recruiting new people?

*   How high of a priority is it to engage young adults in your congregation?

*   What percentage of the adult congregation is typically involved in a small group?

.*  What percent of the 2014 budget was dedicated to all the church’s mission activity?


2. Large Canadian Churches, questions include:

*   What is your church’s biggest challenge in evangelism?

*   What outreach strategies are working best?

*   What factors most influence growth and church health?

TIME-magazine-Latino-Reformation-April-15-2013 (1)To participate, click the links above. To ask if your church has already participated in one of the surveys (only ONE entry per church please), send an email to from your church email address.

The more churches that participate, the better the research — and the more helpful the findings we can report back to you! Please help us spread awareness by sharing this post using the share buttons below.



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