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Going Global – ready to think or ready for action?

July 19, 2012

Our world consists of at least 7 billion people.  With that many people spread across 196 countries, what does global missions look like?  Today, it isn’t defined solely as someone else doing the missionary work.  Churches are realizing that we are all missionaries.  As Mark Connelly of Mission Community Church in Gilbert, Arizona states in this paper, “we don’t have members, we have missionaries.” 

Through his research, Eric Swanson questioned and studied over 50 missional leaders engaged in global outreach.  From this, he tells of 9 trends that are facing the future of global missions.  Here are a few tidbits to peak your interest –

“The missional challenge of the 21st century is the city.  It is the new ‘10/40 window’ of the next generation” and “Local people are more effective in reaching local peoples. But they do need training. We in the West started as pioneers but over the years we have deteriorated into patrons of projects.” 

Download this paper and challenge your thinking about what effective global missions looks like for your church. 

But wait – are you already aware of these trends, and ready to join in action with some folks who are like minded?  Join us for our next Global Connections Leadership Community (GXLC).  We focus on breakthrough ideas of increasing missional effectiveness on both the going and receiving sides of missions in view of these new global realities.  Sign-ups are occuring right now, so click through to find out more.  

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